Software Evaluation – Umi City Mighty Missions: Aquarium Adventure

Hello everyone, i was looking for educational software for my assignment and i came across with this software called Umi City Mighty Missions: Aquarium Adventure. I found this website on NickJr. This software promote learning for children and also teachers, it also support children’s cognitive, behavioral, physical development and it provide reliable appropriate context for children. This software is appropriate for 4 years old children because according to the textbook, Developmental Profiles, because it allows them to answer “whose? who? why and how many?” (Allen & Marotz, 2010. p.148). I believe this because i made my 4 years niece played which she loved it and she kept asking her self how many sea creatures whiles she was counting. There are 4 levels to this game which the first 3 levels are structured which the children have goals to meet and level 4 is unstructured which the children have the choice to design their fish tank based on their preference.

Level 1-Find the Differences

In level one the children has to identify the difference between the 3 sea creatures, two of the sea creatures are the same color but the other one is difference.

Level 2-Find the Shape/Numbers of Sides

Level 2 Children will find the particular shape/numbers of sides of the sea creatures.

Level 3-Find the Grouping of Fishes

Level 3 children will count the groupings of sea creatures and find the right amount of grouping of sea creatures.

Level 4-Decorate your own fish tank

In the level 4 children have the choice to decorate their fish tank based on their preference.

I chose this Aquarium Adventure educational software to review for a lot of reasons, it enhance children to learn their cognition by their number sense, numeration, patterning geometry. It also assist children to identify the differences in the sea creatures, count the sea creatures, identify different shapes, sizes(biggest vs. smallest) and most vs. least amount of sea creatures. According to the textbook, Developmental Profiles, children at the age of four can “understand the concept of tallest, biggest, same and more, rote count to 20 or more, sort, classify, and pattern objects with various attributes (smallest to biggest; color and shape…)”(Allen & Marotz, 2010. p.148).  In addition, it enchance children behavioural development this software gives children praise when they answer correctly and self-correcting (tells the children if they are incorrect and to try again). For physical development, children will hand-eye coordination, Move in non-locomotor ways when they are moving the mouse and fine motor development when they are clicking the mouse. The information and images on this software is very appropriate for all children.

I also chose this software because the skills such as number sense, numeration, patterning and geometry that children gained can be used in their everyday life.  Children also learn mathematics in a fun way. This software is free and web based which it means everyone can access it which children can work by themselves or with their friends.  This software have high quality such as the graphics are clear (very appropriate for everyone), engaging, user friendly, realistic colors and sound is appropriate. This software keeps children enthusiastic and also boosts their intrinsic motivation which it makes a four years old child get connected to the software.

This software has a lot of good features that will support a child care profession such children placing the sea creatures anywhere in the fish tank. When a child make a mistakes there is a lot of opportunities for trial to get the right answer. This software support children because it allows drills and practices and very self-directed. Umi City Mighty Missions: Aquarium Adventure also challenge children to find the right answer to the question been asked by the character of the software. Some children may solve the  problems verbally to themselves.  According to Lev Vygotsky’s belief of “self-talk or inner speech” (Gestwicki, 2007, p.41). Vygotsky believed that some children hold conversations with themselves as a way of thinking out loud.

Whiles playing the Umi City Mighty Missions: Aquarium Adventure software, I found a lot of limitations such as a child might get lost in the cyberspace if they accidently press a button outside of the software. Before you can get to the game, children will have to skip an advertisement and I feel like is unwanted because if a child doesn’t have patient and they click on the advertisement it will take them to another portion of the website. This software doesn’t provide map for levels which children can’t pick what level they want to play and children can’t go back to the previous level unless they start the whole game over.

Some tips I will provide for child care professional who wished to use this UmiZumi’s Aquarium Adventures education software are this game is not inclusive to all children because children with hearing impairment can’t play. This software doesn’t really display multiculturalism because all the characters are Caucasian, they could have included other cultures. In a child care setting, headphones will be needed so it doesn’t disrupt other children.  You will need internet access and enough quantity of computers available for the children in the child care setting. You will need flash-based on your computer before you can play this game. Children might get distracted easily due to the background or a child might accidently click another link.

Overall Team UmiZumi’s Aquarium Adventures education software is very great for children to enhance their cognitive, behavioral, and physical development also further learning in an reliable and appropriate context.

Please click on the Youtube link to get a review of the software.


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