Peakaboo Child Care Centre

Hello everyone, i was assisting my friend to find a child care for her daughter and i came across this child care that i believe is a high quality and also a great center for families to that is looking for a child care. The name of Child care Centre is Peakaboo Child Care Centre.

The Peakaboo Child Care Centre Website is very organize and easy to find information such as, on top it has links to programs, locations,team, Why us?, FAO and waiting list.  This child care website is child- friendly because it has a lot of  pictures and video clip of what children are doing such as sensory, art an activity, a child was on a computer playing games RECE and children interacting. All the pictures have little writing that describes the pictures and goes with it. Peakaboo child centre is a diversity child care which they allows families from different cultures, values and religion.The main contact of the center is Lee-Ann Arkell. She is the owner/Director of Peakaboo Child Care Centre.


Peakaboo Child Care Centre has over 27 locations across Ontario that provides child care centre for all families that is close to their home. some of the locations are Brampton,Hamilton, Toronto, Mississauga and Etc. At this care centre they accept children from 6 weeks to 6 years of age. The information is up to date because it stated 2011 for the publication. Clicking on the welcome to Peakaboo you will access information about the philosophy of the centre and main contact. Location is also give you different locations across Ontario, which you can map and search for your closet location to you by using your postal code or city. For every location it shows which programs have space or book for waiting list. Finding this child care centre was very easy, i just search Peakaboo Child Care on Google, As i stated before this child care website is very informative, easy to find what i am looking for and is very organized. The multimedia used on the site is very good. They used writing, pictures of what children are doing such as doing art, sensory activity, videos clips with pictures and writing describing the pictures. Video clips of parent’s testimonials of the child care and lastly video clips of what children are doing in every section such as dramatic, science and etc.

Every Child Care Centre has a mission statement, i really like their mission statement because the content covers children Developments, their needs and type of environment they have for children. The mission statement of the centre is they “We believe the early years of life build a framework for lifelong learning. We believe in the dignity and value of all children. We believe that social and intellectual skills are best learned in an environment where self-esteem is nurtured and respect is absolute. We believe that children learn best through active exploration, experimentation and problem solving in a safe and stimulating setting and also focuses on the whole child.” (Peekaboo Child Care Centre, 2011)

     The target of audience of the website is parents looking for quality child care for their child. I know this because the video shows activities of what children are doing and also how RECE interact with the children.Every program has some descriptive information about what they do such as toddlers, the RECE focuses on both physical and mental growth. They also believe in play-based learning, they talk about what play-based learning, important and benefits with pictures to support what they talking about.

 I like the video over the internet the most because it gives the parents access to watch what their child is doing in the child care setting from home, office, also how their day went and how the RECE treat the children.

I will recommend they have pictures of parent and RECE interacting,  how parents can be involved in the child care such as parent’s night, picnics during in the summer. They should also have food and nutrition section because it is very important for parents to know what their child is having at the Child Care Centre. The food and nutrition should have all their lunch and snacks they serve at the child care, have newsletter for every season, post up the weekly schedule for parents to see and also add their input. Overall it is a good child care website for families looking for a child care centre for their child.


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